Evren Catlin

Contact: Tara Kromer

41 Madison Ave. 33rd Floor
New York, NY 10010
Evren Catlin is a dedicated costume designer based in New York City, driven by her passion for bringing characters to life through compelling storytelling. With a background in fashion education from Esmod in Munich Germany, she embarked on her career as the fashion editor at Bullett Magazine, honing her creative skills and developing a keen sense of style.

Transitioning into the world of film, Evren has collaborated with renowned actors including Uma Thurman, Emma Roberts, Samuel L. Jackson, and Demi Moore. Her expertise in costume design, combined with her meticulous attention to detail, has earned her a well-deserved reputation.

Evren's humble approach to her craft allows her to deeply understand the nuances and complexities of each character, translating their essence into visually captivating costumes. She embraces the collaborative nature of filmmaking, working closely with directors, actors, and production teams to bring forth the desired vision and enhance the storytelling experience.


41 Madison Ave., 33rd Floor, New York, NY 10010
tel:212-634-8114 / fax: 212-997-1978